Saturday, May 25, 2013

From a friend...
On Aging

                       All we like sheep have gone astray, we’re told,
                       By self-deceit we’ve chosen our own way,
                       The price for such conceit that we must pay
                       Is dear, as youth defers to growing old.
                       Quietly it comes, a cruel thief, swift
                       Flowing current bearing former glories
                       Of body, mind, and soul away.  Stories
                       Of coming bliss, cherished long, now bereft
                       Of hope.  Where is the wisdom, gracious God,
                       In granting this foe such power to leave
                       Alive those who long ago stopped living?
                       Such wisdom confounds mere settlers of sod,
                       And yet by far more aweful to conceive –
                       Wisdom that in love keeps on forgiving.

                                                                     Brook Thelander


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