Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Tell

"Let your face shine that we may be saved” (Psalm 3,7,18).

Faces are us. A frown, a grimace, a sullen look, a warm smile, crinkled eyes—reveal how we feel about others. Our faces are our "tell."

I remember my father's face: It was hard to read. He was a kind man, but stoic and self-contained. As a child, I often searched his face, looking for a smile, or some other show of affection. 

It's good to look away from our fears and search our Heavenly Father's face now and then, though it too is not always easy to read. The best way to see God’s face is to look at the Cross—His "tell" (John 3:16). Good Friday is God's face writ large! 

So know this: When your Father looks at you, he has a humongous smile on His face. You're very safe!

As, hungering for his father's face and eyes, 
The child throws wide the door, back to the wall,
I run to Thee, the refuge from poor lies. —George MacDonald

David Roper

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