Friday, April 7, 2017

Light Dawns
Psalm 97

"Light dawns for the righteous..." —Psalm 97:11

This psalm enshrines a theory of knowledge: How we know the good, the true and the truly beautiful.

According to the poet, "the heavens proclaim (God’s) righteousness and all the people see His beauty" (97:6). Truth and moral order are imbedded in the universe and in our hearts. No one has to teach us the knowledge of good and evil. We know. Even idolaters know that their idols are "worthless" (97:7). "They are secretly prostrated by that which they affect to despise (the one true God)," John Calvin said.

But, when men and women turn away from the truth, they descend into darkness and confusion. Their best thoughts become fuddled and inane. Claiming to be wise, they become fools. 

On the other hand, "light dawns for the righteous." The good-in-heart know the good. The more they seek it and obey it, the more of it they know. 

Discernment is not an intellectual problem; it’s a moral problem, a matter of the heart. "Good people see good things,“ George MacDonald said. Bad people see nothing at all. 

Truth eludes the proud and the clever, but the simple, the honest, the humble understand. Having trouble with God? Seek to do the very next thing He’s asking you to do. (Be sure to ask for his help.) If your will is to do His will you will know... (John 7:17). 

David Roper


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