Saturday, April 8, 2017

When You Fall…

"Happiness is walking in God's ways!" —Psalm 119:3

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the psalter, twenty-two stanzas with four lines each arranged around the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The psalmist throughout affirms his love for God and his desire to "walk in His ways" (Psalm 119:3).

But the psalm concludes with a dull thud: “I keep wandering off like a lost sheep—help me!" (119:176).

Nobody never sins. That's where grace comes in.

"When you are distressed by your failures, do not run from the Lord—as if any of us could hide from Him! Instead, run to Him quickly ... and say, ‘I have corrupted myself and made myself filthy, and I hate it because now I’m not like you. I cannot be clean again—I cannot be free from this corruption—unless you come and help me.“ —Julian of Norwich, I Promise You a Crown

When you fall, all you got to do is call…and He'll be there.

David Roper

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