Saturday, August 12, 2017

Till the Storm of Life is Past

For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You
In a time when You may be found;
Surely in a flood of great waters
They (the great waters) shall not come near him (the godly).
You are my hiding place —Psalm 32:6,7

“Everyone who is godly…” That’s a show stopper. “Godly.” I can’t claim that title. The word translated “godly,” however, comes from a Hebrew root that actually means “loved.” It refers to those who are loved by God and who love Him in return. That puts me back in the picture. 

“For this cause…” Why do I have this effortless access to God? Because I am so good? No, it is because He is so good, for He has forgiven all my sins. I am in His favor (32:5). 

“In a time when You may be found…” And when might that be? “In a flood of great waters,” When I am in over my head. Then He is my hiding place.

Jesus, lover of my soul,
Let me to Thy bosom fly,
While the nearer waters roll,
While the tempest still[1] is high.
Hide me, O my Savior, hide,
Safe into the haven guide… —Charles Wesley

David Roper

[1] Wesley’s “still” is based on an old translation of Psalm 32:6. “(While) still the tempest is nigh.”  When we’re treading water!

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