Saturday, April 6, 2013

         Peter's Prayer and Mine
  Lord, I start so strong
         saying  "Anywhere!"
   And I try to war and to defend you
         with sharpness and steel.

   But Lord, I merely maim and wound;
    You alone can heal.
   And then, bewildered in the mess,
    I start denying, all confused.

   But Lord, that crowing in the night
    has jerked my spirit to attention.

   And now I know—You knew it then—
    I'm weak,
    guilty—just like him.*

   O Lord, compassionate and healing,
    You prayed then.

   And now I turn
    in humble weakness and
     in faith
    to worship You—and then to strengthen them.

   Hallowed by Thy name!

  *The high priest's servant, if read from Peter's point of view;
  Peter,if read from a personal point of view.

  From Luke 22:31-62
  Carolyn Roper

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