Wednesday, February 20, 2013


“When he [Jesus] shall appear, we shall be like him;” (1 John 3:2).

There is a term sculptors use to describe the ability to look at a rough piece of stone and see it in its final, perfected form. It is called “hyperseeing.”

Gutzon Borglum’s housekeeper captured the concept in her own quaint way when Borglum took her to Mt. Rushmore for the first time and she gazed up at the massive faces of the four presidents he had sculpted there: “Mr. Borglum,” she gasped, “How did you know Mr. Lincoln was in that rock?”

That quality—hyperseeing—is found first in God. He sees all that we are and more: He sees what we shall be when he has completed his work and we stand before him, holy and without blemish: the “splitting image” of Jesus.[i] The God who started this great work in you “will keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Jesus Christ appears!” [ii]

God will not be denied! He has such a longing for our perfection that nothing can or will remain an obstacle until he has finished the work he began long ago...

If only we will put ourselves in his hands.

Doubt whispers, ‘Thou art such a blot;
He cannot love poor thee.’
If what I am He lovest not,
He loves what I shall be.
—George MacDonald


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vicanator said...

Hi David,
This is the first time i've seen your Blog. I'm excited to know about it.

Regarding Hyperseeing, a new word to me, I'm wondering if it's similar to something i experienced just two nights ago when i went outside around 10pm to get something from my car. I have always taken the time to look up and stare the amazement of God in the skies at night. But this night was something extra special. The moon was full and bright and the clouds were thick and moving rapidly. The moon would be hidden by a dark cloud and then suddenly burst out with a spectacular ring of purple, yellow and white around it and so clearly visible. This back and forth happened several times and the more it happened and the harder i looked i swear by about the third time of the dark clouds passing and the glow returning i could see what looked like two eyes and a smiling mouth on the face of the moon. Over and over this exchange happened and the same smiling face was there. I went with it and began singing out loud the song 'You are Beautiful Beyond Description-to Marvelous for words... (Not sure of the title)It was one of those unforgettable moments with the Creator when He pours out a blessing on us at a time when He knows we really need it!!

Thanks for your musings, I look forward to reading them in the future.

Vicki Jones

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