Friday, September 14, 2012


“There is no music in a rest, but there is the making of music in it.”

—John Ruskin

God writes the score; that’s his part. Our part is to sing along—warbling, harmonizing, humming...

Singing is stirring and rhapsodic. The hardest measures are those nagging interludes when our voice is missing: when we’re set aside by illness, resignation or retirement, when for a time God says to us, “Be still.” It may seem to us that our performance is over, that we’ve come to the end of our song.

If we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with inactivity it will fret us no end and cause us to focus on the defects in us, in every person and in every place. But if we know that the rest is God’s will we’ll be at peace

The Great Conductor is counting time with precision. There’s more to the arrangement than we know. If we keep our eyes on him in his good time he’ll give us the nod and we can chime in again.

In the meantime enjoy the rest. The quiet times are opportunities to compose our souls and ready our selves for the measures that lie ahead. Rest is not an oversight or an omission, but an essential part of the symphony God has written for us in eternity that he’s conducting every day.

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