Monday, March 19, 2012

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

“I am full of trouble…” (Psalm 88:3)

I marvel at Heman, the poor fellow who wrote Psalm 88; his lot was unmitigated suffering. “I am full of trouble” he laments, or, put literally, “I am sated with suffering,” Enough, already!

Heman looks back and sees nothing but poor health and misfortune; he looks around and sees adversity and abandonment; he looks up and finds no solace. “I’m distraught,” he complains. “Afflicted!” “Cast off!” “Adrift!” “In darkness!” No light at the end of his tunnel; no resolution of his troubles.

Heman’s honesty warms my soul. Chirpy Christians who never struggle mystify me. There’s balance of course: people who always air their problems are hard to be around, but it does my old heart good to know that someone else is having a bad day. 

Yet, there’s more to Heman than candor. Despite his troubles, he had a stubborn, intractable faith. He clung to God with cramp–like grip, and cried to him “day and night” (88:1). He would not give up!

I like folks like Heman. They strengthen my grip on God.


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