Saturday, February 4, 2012

In January, Carolyn's 95 year-old mother fell and was taken to the ER. Her condition deteriorated and on Sunday morning January 22, she slipped from our presence into the presence of the Lord. Mother was an extraordinary woman whose life continues to bear fruit. She will be greatly missed, but we do not sorrow as those that have no hope. She is with her Savior whom she loves and whose presence means infinite joy for her. She is "fine," to use the self-assessment she always gave when asked how she was feeling. Her obituary, which Carolyn wrote, can be accessed below.

As you can imagine, we've had much to do and no time to write. I hope to continue in a week or so when our schedule settles down to something like normal. 


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dskn said...

What a wonderful tribute to Carolyn's mom. God's peach to each of have left me so encouraged by your description of a life lived for Christ.

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