Friday, January 7, 2011

Any Time, Any Distance, Any Place

“In journey’s often…” (2 Corinthians 11:26)

For some time now, I’ve been corresponding with a Nepalese pastor who frequently travels with his church members to distant communities in the  Himalayas to preach the gospel and plant churches. Recently he sent me his itinerary and asked me to pray:

On 21th - singing, preaching, dancing, and distributing gospel tracts (Thansing, 45 kilometers from Kathmandu)
On  23th - singing, preaching, dancing, Jesus film show and gospel tracts distribution (Amptar, Nuwakot, 120 kilometers from Kathmandu)
On 25th - singing, dancing, preaching in Kathmandu Friends church
On 26th - singing, preaching, dancing,  and gospel tracts distribution (Nalang, Dhading, 130 kilometers from Kathmandu)
On 27th - singing, preaching, dancing,  and gospel tracts distribution (Darbung, Gorkha, 150 kilometers from Kathmandu)
On 28th - singing, preaching, dancing, and gospel tracts distribution (Darbung, Gorkha, 160 kilometers from Kathmandu)
All the programs are followed by a love feast.

I  marveled at the terrain and vast distances my friend covered on these outings and wrote to ask how his motorcycle was holding up. This was his reply:

"We  had wonderful time of marching in the mountains with our church members. All do not have motorcycles and I need to be with them, so we all walked. It was blessed time. Still more places to go."

I  thought of my reluctance to venture out of my own comfort zone and inconvenience myself: to drive cross-town in the snow to visit a lonely, elderly widower; to walk across the street to help a neighbor at the close of a long, weary day; to get up and answer a knock on the door (when I’m reading and would rather not be bothered) and welcome a troubled friend; to go any distance, any time, any place for the sake of love.

And I thought of our Lord, for whom no distance was too great to go.


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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and really enjoyed your post. Thanks!

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